_sailor_nova_ (_sailor_nova_) wrote in usagixmamoru,

I just joined, and i had a opinion/question.
In every sailor moon ane. I watch, I hope to see more affection from mamoru...even in sailor stars it ends with usagi asking....
"do you love me?"
"like how."
"hmmm well lets see...its great to be with you."
And love induced usagi took it as the greatest statement and that was that.
Now, I understand the cultural differences in japan from america, but even the jappanesse could have thought of a better line that that.
Even in the us version, with its thrice damned cut out of uranus and neptunes homosexuality, there should have been more affection. It didnt have to be physical, but after sailor moon matured, wheres the romacne i cant see in shows, so only dream about it my head.
Yes, Yes I know rant rant, but it was my only concern with the show, I loved them as a couple, but I'd love to see more.
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